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Current Features

We are not just about news regarding the developments in the crypto world, we aspire to be a part of this development itself and push the boundaries of compendium of human knowledge further. It is not just about competition, we understand and promote the idea of collaboration and see the value in like minded people bouncing ideas of each other to provide the solution to the most pressing problems on the planet. For this we are putting the infrastructure in place to build a social network around our news and features where people can interact and discuss the developments and brainstorm and synergize.

Do not worry if you are new to the world of Blockchain, we have got you covered. It is a feature designed to help you get started in the world of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency. It has instructional material including lectures, videos and presentations from basics to advance, it can guide you step by step into becoming an expert in the field. Right now we are curating the material from different sources, and as the need arises we will regularly add new material to improve your understanding of the domain.

We create, commision and curate the news and blogs of the very latest of developments not just in the field of blockchain and cryptocurrency but in all those fields where developments directly or indirectly impact the blockchain world. We also feature the analysis by experts, along with opinion pieces of those who have been keen observers of the crypto market and computer scientists and developers. We also publish press releases of new organizations and startups joining the crypto world and their newest developments.

A section which deals exclusively with cryptocurrencies, will deal with the latest happenings in the coin market. It will list the empower the user in analysis of the cryptocurrency world by providing them valuable data regarding the current trends in the market and also listing the exchanges and other sources of data.

We aspire to gather the blockchain enthusiasts and experts from around the world under one platform, where they can keep abreast with the latest developments. But like explained earlier that we are not just banking on developments from the outside, we want to serve as impetus for progress in the domain of Blockchain. What better way to do this, then to organize a platform where individuals and organizations can showcase their talents and strengths and connect to be a part of the change that they aspire for. Our marketplace intends to introduce a dreamer with a crazy idea to the developer with expertise to execute that insanity and make a wonderful product or solution to make the world a better place.

It is important – for individuals and organizations – to keep an open mind and to keep on learning and improving. With this in mind, we have a section where we will showcase the startups and their products, investors and resources.

If you are looking for rewards, we have got you covered.

Upcoming Features

We will provide different type of verification services for our user base in order to establish trust. We, along with our partners, will try our best to provide authentic and verified services and information to our users. We have badges for individual users who are verified and also for ICOs and other startups who will be rigorously examined in order to minimize the potential for scams.

If you are familiar with the functioning of a market, sometimes a few minutes delay could result in big monetary implications. So with that in mind, we are rolling out a feature, that most important news will be pushed directly to your device as soon as it is updated on our portal.

We are currently in the process of developing a sound statistical model for coin market health. We will start posting the insights as soon as it is functional for the benefit of our users.

If you are worried about the health of a new startup or have questions regarding the white paper, you will be able to ask them questions directly on our forum. Also our in-house experts will review the ICOs as well as startups and would regularly publish important reviews regarding them.

If you do not have enough time to keep abreast with latest developments in the coin exchange world, yet you want to invest in it and keep the risk low, then this feature is specially designed for you. You will be able to follow verified investors and keep track of their investment in near real-time in order to maximize your own gains.


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