Bounty Program

We are excited to announce the bounty program, which will reward everyone who supports and helps spread awareness of this project.

Please carefully read the details and rules below before you participate in our bounty program. If you have any questions, please contact us.


The bounty program will be live from January 12th until April 7th 2019.

We are delighted to give our supporters the opportunity to help raise the profile of while earning some tokens. Active participants will receive Chrypto tokens as reward. Our team has allocated 10,000,000 CHRYPTO tokens to this entire bounty program. Please note that due to the limited offer, we’re running this campaign on a first-come-first-serve basis.

The bounty program consists of the following six categories:

Project Percentage Chrypto Tokens
Bitcointalk 15% 1,500,000
Content (Blog & Media) 20% 2,000,000
Reddit 10% 1,000,000
Telegram 20% 2,000,000
Social Media 25% 2,500,000
Design 10% 1,000,000

1. Sign up, add a profile & cover image (Bounties will only be rewarded to members).

2. Join the official Telegram group.

3. Please make sure all the links you provided are valid before our bounty program expires (you have to link to your post, not to your profile!)

4. The result of your token reward will be published on our website. You must report incorrect token rewards within 7 days after your result has been published. We will not accept any objections to reward results after the aforementioned two days have expired.

5. You will not receive Chrypto token rewards if you have been disqualified or if you decide to stop participating for any reason.

6. Our team reserves the right to disqualify/reclaim all of your token rewards if you use any illegal means such as manufacturing content with bots and plagiarizing.

7. You will be disqualified if you publish any content trying to scam others or soliciting sensitive information such as ETH address.

8. You will be disqualified if you publish any negative content about

9. We reserve the right of final decision on the interpretation of the terms and conditions set forth in this Bounty Program.

10. If you have any problems with regards to our bounty program, please contact us through our email Note: please do not repeatedly ask questions that have already been answered in our Telegram group. Instead, use the “search” function to find answers to similar questions from the past.

11. Chrypto tokens earned from bounty projects that have ended will be distributed to your ETH address within two weeks after the crowdsale has ended.

12. Your distribution address cannot be changed. Therefore, please ensure that you have provided the correct distribution address before the end of our Bounty Program.

13. You find the logos and creatives within your affiliate section. Additional material and texts can be downloaded in our Guide.

To join the Bounty Program, you first need to sign up
(or login if you already have an account).

You will then want to get your affiliate ID
to earn commissions for your referrals on top of your bounties.

Now you can start promoting anywhere you like
(e.g. Twitter, Facebook, Bitcointalk, Reddit, etc.).

Please then submit your posts, so we can count your stakes.

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