Globally, gamers purchase over US$100 billion of digital goods each year. Most of these digital goods are locked within individual games, and gamers lose all of their value when they stop playing that game. The current infrastructure does not promote the liquidity, transparency or security required by gamers to...

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The ADBIT token will enable buyers, sellers and agencies to access the ADBIT Media Marketplace™. ADBIT will be the atomic unit of value exchange on the ADBIT Media Marketplace™, resulting in the creation of a transactional economy between buyers, sellers, and agencies. Front page

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Goldilock is revolutionizing the way data is stored on the Internet by building an ecosystem to secure cryptocurrencies and digital assets for individuals and institutions. Debuting in Q2 of 2018 with a product that provides a remote physical disconnection of data from the internet, the system leverages multi-factor authentication,...

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Menlo One

Menlo One is a powerful framework for building decentralized applications with the speed of a traditional web app. Our decentralized database and Proof-of-Reputation incentive system is the infrastructure that enables the Web 3.0 generation of marketplaces, social media platforms, and future apps to be as fast and performant as...

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TraDove is the premier B2B social network. We make it fast, safe and easy for buyers and sellers around the world to connect. While social networking has become part of our lives, some sites suit our personal interests and others serve basic professional needs. Until now, no social network...

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WHAT IS PATRON? Influencers and social media (SNS) users from around the world can publish, discover, reserve, or sell influencer data on PATRON’s trustful platform on both web and mobile. PATRON is a one stop shop for social media influencer focused brands and influencers themselves. Functions 1 : Platform...

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